Late 2011: CLIC Sargent

My heart leapt as I put the phone down, and I did my best to stifle my enthusiasm. I was travelling by car with a loose acquaintance, and had travelled by car with loose acquaintances enough to know that when travelling by car with a loose acquaintance, emotions of any extremity should always be properly stifled.

But I’d just been offered my first job as a copywriter for a global media corporation! This was big stuff! Certainly bigger than the time I was offered a job as a part-time sales and fragrance assistant/cashier at Boots. And if my memory served me correctly, that meant that this was very big.

I’d been a bit useless coming out of Uni. I had a degree in economics and, save for a few months handing out perfume samples and scanning toiletries, my work experience was all in finance. I should’ve been applying to Barclays, Lloyds and other firms that the majority of the UK hate. Instead I was applying for marketing, media and advertising roles. And as you might suspect, I was getting nowhere.

So I’d started working for free for a well-known children’s cancer charity, mainly because I thought working for a children’s cancer charity would go down well with the ladies. And it did. But I sadly had to follow it up with, “yeah, I don’t make any money, though”, and there was no net gain.

Even so, the charity had been good to me. It had given me the copywriting experience necessary for my job applications to be taken seriously. It had given me the copywriting experience I needed to before pursuing a career in the trade. And now it had landed me a new, paid job.

I began to grin in my seat in the car. My loose acquaintance turned to me.

“Good news?” He asked.

“Just got offered a new job” I muttered.

“Congratulations” he replied.

And I went back to stifling.